A recurring empire in human lands founded around 600 years ago by invading barbarian hordes that destroyed the ancient Sidhe Empire; of which the lands making the kingdom of Garnia were once the core.

Named for the first high king Gwaryn, the name has altered over the years. The “capital city” is the seat of the high king Dun Garn (originally Dun Gwaryn) founded as a fortified settlement by the first High King.

Over the centuries Garnia has waxed and waned as a world power and spawned several “child” nations, such as it’s long time chief rival Frodia. It has suffered through periods of civil war that split the nation for decades at a time. It has also projected it’s power deep into the northern steppes and the Tirnakaur peninsula, forced the Dwarven kingdom of Khazarak to accept it’s overlordship, and extended it’s border to the east as far as Ming Liang.

Through out their history the people of Garnia have been a socially conservative culture. Their society is clan based. Their chief pastime is war and preparation for war. A large caste of noble warriors (roughly 10% or their total population) rules over and protects the other castes of people- Priests (including Bards), Artisans, Merchants and Farmers. Each of these castes has sub-divisions, for instance freeborn farmers are higher in status than bondmen. Any freeborn human may take up the profession of arms providing he can find a noble patron (or be accepted into a free band) or join the clergy, once again provided he can find a patron among the clergy or gain entrance into a holy order.

The kingdom of Garnia is technically a child state of the Free Tribes of the Northern Steppes. It is in turn the parent of both Tirnakaur and of Frodia. I guess that makes it a sibling of the Mistlander Clans.


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