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  • Dvergerholm

    Dvergerholm is an artificial island created many generations ago by [[Dvergar]] craftsmen. Dvergerholm was the conduit by which the [[Norse]] reached the [[Norseland]]s.

  • Hvalarsjór

    The Hvalarsjór , or “Whale Sea” is a region of the [[verǫldsjór]] known for it’s abundance of whales and it’s excellent fishing banks.

  • Kaupangrfjord

    Kaupangrfjord is the chief trading settlement on the island of [[Kaupangsey]] in the [[Utangardsey]] in the Hvalarsjae; originally founded a century ago as a whaling station, the settlement grew quickly when the settlers discovered a lost colony of [[ …

  • Utangardsey

    The Utangardsey, or Outer Isles, are an island chain at the far northern reaches of the known world. The people of the Utangardsey are ruled over, and protected by, the [[Jarl]] of Utangardsey.

  • Caergwyn

    A fortified city on the north side of the Avergwyn or the Garnian side of the Garnia/Frodia border. Situated on the sea coast it lies between the Averyraen and the Avergwyn. Just west of the vast marsh. It also marks the meeting points of the great coast …

  • Necromancer Lands

    The Necromancer Lands, or, as they are called in their own tongue the "Khalipha al-Khalid", are inhabited by a mixture of peoples of primarily south Indian and Arabic descent. Before the rise of the Necromancer Al-Khalid, they worshiped many gods, both …