Welcome to the World of Garnia Home Page!

This is the World of Garnia homepage. The world of Garnia Campaign setting was created by myself, William J. Dowie and my lifelong friend and partner in crime, Darryl A. Cook Jr.

We started working on this setting back in 1982 or ‘83 and have run numerous campaigns through a number of iterations of this campaign world. In 2011 we set about recreating the entire setting; establishing, really for the first time, a logical, consistent fantasy campaign setting. We’ve had a number of starts and stops since then, we’re adults now and life happens, but we have really settled a lot of different things about the setting since then, and I feel it is in an eminently playable state, despite much of the information still being locked in our respective skulls.

Check out- Garnia-wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

For more helpful and up to date information about the total redesign of this campaign world visit the World of Garnia blog


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