Wodanslund is a kingdom south of Frodia.

Wodanslunders speak Wodanish.

They have their own pantheon of deities. Their chief gods are Wodan, Thunor, and Fro Ing.

The first settlers arrived roughly sixteen hundred years ago by ship and settled the coast. They eventually drove out all humanoid opposition and claimed the entirety of what is now their kingdom. The Westermarch is the last area settled.

The Wodanslunders are great cavalrymen.

They are chiefly pastoralists, having great herds of cattle, sheep and horses. They have permanent settlements but also a not insignificant portion of their population follows the herds, moving them from summer to winter grazing.

Their aristocracy often raise mercenary companies of horsemen for Frodian service. These companies are invariably called Wodanic Knights by the Frodians.

Their capital city is Wodansburgh, on the coast. They have an elective monarchy in which all men of noble birth, at least theoretically, have a chance of becoming king; in practice the king-elect is usually either close kin to the previous king (son, brother) or a powerful eorl.


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