Elves are a dying species in Garnia.

The Elven race is divided into several distinct sub-races.

High Elves are the most common sub-race of elves and most PCs will be of the High Elven race. Haughty and long-lived they are, as a people, still coming to terms with the destruction of their vast empire at the hands of primitive and barbaric humans. Several successor states to their empire exist and they are mutually amicable, but functionally independent of each other.

Wood Elves are less common and are possibly descended from a peasant caste within the ancient elven empire. Large numbers of wood elves are found only in the south eastern peninsular region now.

Wild Elves or Grugach are a sub-race of elves that either has descended to a state of barbarism following the overthrow of the elven empire or never rose above it to begin with. They inhabit wild, out the way places that are mostly untouched by man. They are said to shun the use of iron. They share many common cultural connections to wood elves, but are considerably more savage.

Grey Elves are a mysterious, perhaps mythological sub-race known for their great magics. It is possible that they are the original ruling caste of the elven empire.


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